Microsoft Learn Rebrand

A visual language that captures inspiring breakthroughs and learning moments

We believe that anyone has the potential to do amazing things with technology—all they need are the right skills.


Our visual language supports this belief by using bright colors to express the excitement and optimism of learning new technologies. Microsoft Learn compositions exude energy, possibility, and vivacity.

Colors for Microsoft Learn take inspiration from the colors of the Microsoft logo, but also introduce gradients and bright new tones to create an eye-catching, energetic visual identity that will appeal to up-and-coming learners. 

Key art visuals in light and dark modes

Service icon

Color palette and material library

Headers for website and banners

Step-by-step guide on how to create new key art

Slide cover template

Mixed reality visual concepts

Earlier concepts

Wining concept

Early concept 03

Early concept 02

Early concept 01